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Climate change is affecting the frozen realms of our amazing planet far more quickly than was envisaged a decade ago, and is causing dramatic calvings from ice-shelves and glaciers as well as the melting of iceflows and icebergs.  These events impact on our seas and on the wildlife living in those icy regions.

Disturbed by these climatic events, I sought to portray the impact that melting ice might have on a glacial cavern, drawing on my experience of Norwegian glaciers and of exploring underground caves.

I built up layers of glazes and thin acrylic paint, using cool cool colours, with flashes of reds to hint at the heat of the changing climate. I then ‘pulled at’ the paint to create the effect of dripping and melting ice.

As I had done with the “Heatwave” triptych, I painted the two outer canvases first, and only afterwards did I work on the more dramatic central panel.  I wanted to create a sense of menace and peril with that precarious overhang, dripping icy water as it melts.


  • Laura, your triptychs are all quite stunning, be great to see them in real life

    4 March 2021
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