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Wow wee, I’m up on Cloud Nine!  I’ve just done an interview on BBC World Service Radio!
I had to get up earlier than I have for a year – 6.15 the alarm went off, so that I’d be ready – bright eyed and bushy tailed? – from 6.30.  In the end they started talking with me just before 7 – I was the last item of the hour.
I’m still astonished at the wonderful reception “In Deep” has received from everyone, including the Diving and Local press and communities, since it’s been lighting up Oxford Street in central London!
Below is a link to the whole hour-long Newsday programme.  As I’m the very last thing you can scroll through to 48.40 minutes and then I’m on air!
I hope I made sense in the radio interview, and I’m utterly delighted that I had this opportunity to tell the world (well, it was on the World Service!) about my art and “In Deep” in particular.
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