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Alex Howell

Visual artist

 It’s now over a decade ago that my family and I sold up…packed up and shipped out of London. We headed West to a quirky little town called Frome. Jam packed with artists, musicians and everyone in between, it is an oasis for creative souls.

My entry into the art world came via a career in fashion, during which I travelled extensively in Europe, India and the Far East. Whilst as a job it was always interesting and often challenging, my heart always yearned to paint, so when the opportunity arose I happily put down the passport to pick up the paintbrush. I have now been painting full time since arriving in Frome.

Obviously I don’t have a classic fine art training which can be a curse and a blessing. But what I might lack in technical knowledge I hopefully make up for with love and passion for the discipline. Obsessed and fascinated by light and shadow, colour and texture, I am constantly inspired by the natural world.

 I love experimenting with a wide variety of reflective and matt mediums which alter and shift according to the available light thus resulting in my paintings constantly changing as the hours pass. Nothing thrills me more than on a dark and gloomy day to see one of my pieces shining out. Well enough chat about me, hopefully you will find my art more eloquent.