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Laura Parker

Visual artist


I am a selftaught, London based, artist. I enjoy discovering different ways of depicting the world around me, from expansive landscapes, to intimate still lifes, the human figure, and dramatic underwater views.

I am currently harnessing the use of colour and brushwork in a bold, vibrant and dramatic way, bringing energy and vitality to a new series of abstracted landscapes and underwater paintings.

Originally a historian of art and architecture, then a curator and consultant in the architectural field, I turned some years ago towards the more direct experience of creating art itself.

I work predominantly in acrylics or oils on canvas, but I also explore the use of other materials.I enjoy using colour to enhance and adddrama to a painting and so help communicate my artistic vision, as well as bringing energy and vitality to my new series of abstracted landscape and underwater paintings.

These paintings embrace a sense of spirituality, and a love of colour as well as a passion for paint itself.Although the natural world remains fundamental to my practice, each work shows a different personal perspective and vision.

My series of paintings of the underwater world (‘en pleine mer’) is based on my experiences as a scuba diver. These works highlight a very personal view of this amazing realm, and have developed an abstract quality, with textures building up on the painted surface to reflect the unusual subject matter.

My landscape paintings are worked both ‘en plein air’ and in the studio, and are inspired by my travels abroad as well as closer to home, and I enjoy exploring the abstract qualities that can be discovered in the world around us.

My aim as a painter is to express the hidden beauty I find in objects and scenes, sometimes seeking out those that are perhaps not typically considered to be an artist’s subject matter, and offering the viewer a personal interpretation of the world where our individual sensibilities might meet.

I exhibit regularly. Recently I have participated in numerous exhibitions including ArtCan group exhibitions(mostly virtual in 2020), ‘Discovery Sessions’ at Trinity Art Gallery in London, Richmond Art Society’s Summer and Winter exhibitions(online in 2020), the Holocaust Memorial Exhibition organised by the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, and ‘Island2Island’ in the City of London. Due to Covid19 restrictions some exhibitions have been postponed including“Inspire” (London W1) and “Set in Stone” (Bath)

.January 2021