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Lyn Kirkland

Visual artist

Exploring the exciting properties of encaustic beeswax has been my passion for several years. First used by Ancient Egyptians as a painting medium, it saw a resurgence last century and has continued to flourish. Still relatively unknown in Europe, but once discovered, never forgotten. When I first took up my brush and dipped it into molten wax and pigment I knew I was hooked! It was a visceral moment never experienced by me with any other paint, I felt I was home. My work in encaustic wax includes abstraction, seascapes, photo-encaustic, bas-relief wax casting and some encaustic collograph printing. For me encaustic wax is the perfect creative partner.

I am a Director of South Dorset art group Artwey CIC, and a previous winner of the Black Swan at Frome ‘emerging artist’ award 2016. I teach workshops in Contemporary Encaustic Wax techniques from my Studio on the Isle Of Portland.