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Violet Von Riot

Visual artist
I am a westcountry artist, living in Frome, Somerset. I specialise in collage, in particular townscapes and pet portraits, I also create personal pieces for print.
I have a particular love of collage for what I can hide in it, it excites me to imagine that after years of seeing a piece of mine hung on a wall, that one day the viewer will find a fresh word, a new meaning, and that it will again transform the piece, until the next discovery, and so on forever, so that you might never really see the whole piece.
With the towns, I like to add events, people, places, so the entire feel of the place is crammed into a single still, so that people can connect with it, feel themselves within the words and the memories the places hold.
I use 100% recycled materials in all of my pieces, glossy magazines are locally sourced and donated to me.