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David Moss

Visual artist

I paint most days.
A basement room in my house serves as a studio. Ten years ago I returned to painting after a long period where work and family were my priority.
Nothing is excluded from the starting point of a painting. Images from nature and photographs that provoke a reaction are the origins of many works. In developing a painting I am pleased to welcome the happy accident. More often than not colour dictates the way forward. Formal subject matter in the midst of shape and colour.
Often the more a painting veers towards the abstract the more intense the process becomes with a multitude of choices to complete the canvas.
As I progress with painting the happier I am to make mistakes- nothing ventured nothing gained has become a credible mantra.
I was a poor Fine Art student in Newcastle by comparison to the mature students who worked very intensively. I am now making up for lost time, and I thank them now for their example.