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Announce the opening of their new art gallery: the Woolverton Gallery on 1st. June 20121


5TH. MAY 2021

Bath based Artist, Ray Jones, is opening Bath’s latest art venue: the Woolverton Gallery in Woolverton near Bath on 1st. June. The official opening ceremony will take place a later on Saturday 26th June with a number of the paticipating artists due to Covid restrictions.

The new gallery is made up of 5 exhibition rooms, and will showcase the work of 26 resident artists. The emphasis is on colourful, contemporary artwork in a variety of styles.
The Summer Exhibition features the work of welknown Bath artists such as David Wilkey, David Ringsell and Brian Elwell as well as many contributors from further afield.
Ray said ” It is difficult for artists to find an exhibition space for their work, and I am pleased to be able to provide a permanent exhibition space for this group of highly talented artists. Each resident artist will have at least 2 works on show at any time, and we will always have at least 60 paintings on display.’
“The Gallery is linked to the company website www.bathartsales.com, and this further showcases all our artists with more of their available work.”
Apart from the permanent seasonal exhibitions, there will be special events including one man/woman exhibitions at frequent intervals.


For media enquiries contact Ray Jones:

Tel. 01373 463098

Mob. 07843448956

Email info@bathartsales.com