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Our final resident artists has now joined us: Violet Von Riot, who makes works of art using mixed media and collage(cutting up images from recycled magazines). The pictures are quite fascinating: the attached image is of one of Violet's latest pieces "The Wasp with a thousand faces". It is based on a photograph by Alan Jackson who specialises in insect photography; do look

We are delighted to welcome Kim Pragnell into our group of resident artists. Kim is an experienced artist specialising in painting images ot he sea; the paintings are full of drama, and contrasting light and darkness. We particularly love the way he captures the spray coming off the waves, do have a look at his wonderful gallery of images on www.bathartsales.com

We are delighted to be joined by Moira Hazel as one of the final members of our group of resident artists. Moira is an experienced fine artist specialising in highly colourful impressionist paintings of landscapes and seascapes. Moira often starts iwth an idea from a photograph or live scene and then just lets her instinct take her in different directions as each painting

Laura Richards is our latest artist to join the Woolverton Gallery as a resident artist Laura produces the most wondeful evocative images of waves, you can just feel the energy of and power of nature coming through. Just take a look at Laura's online gallery on www.bathartsales.com

Wow Laura, that is amazing! A beautiful painting for all London to see. Its just beautiful the way they have lit up the image, and highlighted how you get your characteristic light projecting from the background through the painting. What a shame I'm not in London to have a look.  Well, what next????

We are delighted to welcome Bath artist who has koined Bath Art Sales and the Woolverton Gallery as a resident Artist. David paints beautifully detailed images of the city of Bath's landscapes. David will be permanently exhibiting in the Woolverton Gallery near Bath from 1st June, together with his fellow 24 resident artists.

Its Monday 1st March, and work is underway to complete the final 3 rooms of the Woolverton Gallery. As you can see from the video, there is a lot to do , but all is under way for completion early May ready for the grand opening in June. The final building will be made up of 5 5 x 3.5m exhibition rooms, which