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We are delighted to be able to exhibit some of the wonderful paintings of David Wilkey from Bath. David is a figurative and urban scene painter, with many of his images inspired by the daily life in his home city. All his paintings are full of realism, and his subjects seem to be in constant movement almost like a film or vodeo. Do have

Imogen Bittner has joined Bath Art Sales and the Woolverton gallery as a resident artist . Imogen specialises in using multi-coloured textiles in the making of her beautiful artwork, which gives a 3 dimential effect. Imogen has exhibited in UK as well as in numerous European countries, and we urge you to have a viewing of her new gallery in bathartsales.com

Need a bit of cheering up on this wet windy day? Well how about Sophie Mills-Thomas doggie portraits? Two lovely additions to Sophie's gallery painted in her usual beautiful easy flowing style.

We are delighted with the response we have had in the short few weeks we have been promoting the Bath Art Sales business: we have 23 artists now in our ranks and only 2 places left with plenty of inquiries coming in. There re regular blog updates and posting on Facebook and Instagram, where we are beginning to get a rising following. Now that

Interesting post by Janie Fisher showing one of her customers collecting her painting: it is really beautifully executed, its always difficult to get the right transparency over the subject, as it can easily look quite unnatural. But here Janie has got it just right. You may remember last year portrait artist Thomas Croft offered to paint a free portrait of a NHS frontline worker,

Orange City, a painting from the streets of New York in the rain finally finished. It has become a bit of an obsession: 4th painting of city streets in the rain, well I just like the way the buildings etc. reflect on the wet streets. i will be finishing this painting with Totalcast, a highly reflective resin poured on, which will accentuate the shiny

Another busy week working on the Bath art Sales website, several new artists now have their galleries uploaded and we are coming close to the target number of 25. We only have 3 places left, and from the responses we have had that should be complete within the next few days. Work is progressing on social media, and this should have an impact over

Remember the floods on the Somerset levels? Well one of our latest members to join, Mary Vanderplank certainly does as you can seen from the painting below. This an absolutely wonderful rendition full of drama and atmosphere. Mary i s clearly inspired by her surroundings, and for good cause, Somerset is a truly beautiful part of the world.We are now lucky to have

No Laura this is not a "typo" (Laura Parker one of our resident artists very kindly corrects my numerous spelling errors)  the story behind this: this is the title of a commission for a Dutch lady (thus the spelling of dutchess)from Corsham who wanted a surprise Christmas present for her husband who is building a private pub in their garden. The painting is